King Magnus unified the Terran Realms over 50 years ago, and brought stability and peace to the Terran race. He had four children, whom he appointed to various positions of power in the realms to solidify the family dynasty. Prince Amos was his first born, and heir to the throne. He was granted the position of Viceroy and learned how to rule from his father from a very young age. Prince Valens was born next, and was trained to be a military commander and tactician. The third born was Prince Titus, who entered the clergy of the Church of the One and was elevated to the position of Grand Cleric—the worldly manifestation of the voice of God. Princess Selena was the last of Magnus’ children, and she was classically schooled and trained to become a politician and economist.

During Magnus’ reign, he and his four children expanded Terran rule. Amos oversaw the colonization of new planets, and the creation of the Slip Stream travel network. Valens oversaw the creation of the Royal Fleet, a fleet of state-of-the-art vessels tasked with keeping order in the realms. Titus also solidified the rule of the Church of the One by having all other opposing religions outlawed and then exterminated by his fanatical Zealots. As Selena got older, however, she strayed more and more from her father’s rule. She began to write about the plight of the working class, and claimed that the Magnus Dynasty’s rule was unsustainable. Her family never formally ostracized her, but over time they stopped involving her in running the Realms.

Three years ago King Magnus died after a prolonged sickness, and he was successfully succeeded by his son Amos. However, six months after Amos’ ascension to the throne, he was murdered in his sleep.

Although Valens was officially next in line to be king, he was accused of assassinating his brother to gain the throne. Prince Titus declared that he was removing his brother from power until a proper investigation could be carried out. Valens resisted, stationing the Royal Fleet above the capital planet of Tyr. Titus responded by surrounding the entire planet and the royal fleet with a force of Zealots, effectively blockading the planet.

Over the next few months, tensions rose between the two factions. All through the realms there were whispers of civil war. Princess Selena resurfaced and began preaching a radical restructuring of the kingdom, which would decentralize the government and give more power to the people. She quickly gained followers, and soon had the support of entire solar systems on her side.

Nobody knows who fired the first shot or what provoked it, but suddenly the Royal Fleet and the Zealots were engaged in battle over Tyr. The two brothers accused each other and then officially declared war. Princess Selena’s forces began to attack both factions, sparking revolutions on countless worlds.

What followed were the bloodiest months of the Civil War. Entire Realms were torn asunder as the people sided with one of the three factions. Families turned on one another, as whole planets were engulfed in conflict. Finally, the war cooled down to its present state, where the three siblings have forged an uneasy peace. The three siblings have carefully entered into negotiations, barely keeping their armies at bay.

…and in a small corner of the backwater Minerva system, a group of strangers will be thrown together and forced to become a crew. Their destiny may very well change the course of Terran events forever.

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