Captains Log 8/16/XX11
A New Beginning

Captain’s Log
Stardate: 8/16/XX11
A new beginning

Today started out pretty badly. My ship and cargo were confiscated by the Church of The One, and I found myself awaiting judgment in one of their Cathedral Ships. Let me tell you, those Zealots don’t give much in the way of conversation. At least they left me my cigarettes.

By some wild coincidence, I found myself in the company of a rather strange band of misfits; A young kid, a very gorgeous looking android girl, and a rather vague, not particularly sneaky rogue. It wasn’t long before the Cathedral was thrown into bedlam, and we were released from our cells.

Not to say the Zealots just let us waltz out of there. We had to kill three of them. The vague one turned out to be pretty handy in a scrap, though I think he needs to work a bit on his stealth. The girl turned out to be rather frightening herself. I saw her split one Zealot’s head clean open. The kid proved to be quite good at… well… curling up in the fetal position and crying.

We retrieved our gear and hauled ass through the city, the girl said she knew a ship we could take. We were about half way there when the vague one exploded into flame. Someone had gotten frisky with some Molotov’s. We were able to put the fire out, but not before he was medium-well.

I managed to book a few passengers in a dilapidated shit hole of a hotel, but one of them ended up getting fried. I had the singular pleasure of taking a round from a heavy laser rifle to my back, destroying my shield, and just about killing me. We made it onto the ship just in time, taking off amid a hail of fire.

We figured we were about home free, when we came up hard against a Zealot blockade. Then the kid hit some button, and we ended up warping halfway across the galaxy to god knows where. Clearly, I have to establish a pecking order around here.

I need a beer, a smoke, a shower, and a fucking nap.


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