The setting in JumpDrive is fairly standard science fiction. Ships can travel many times the speed of light, being able to get from planet to planet in a matter of hours. A fleet can travel from one end of the realms to the other in around 7 days.

Generally, the most advanced weapons in the setting are lasers. While artificial gravity exists in the setting, it has thus far been unable to be weaponized.

There is Advanced Artificial Intelligence, which allows for the creation of “Simulated Terrans” aka, “Sims.” Maka is a Sim. Appearance wise, there is little to no difference between terrans and sims. If a person knows what traits to look for, they can spot a Sim from a distance.

Anti-Matter has been discovered, and there have been reports of anti-matter bombs which are capable of unparalleled destruction, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Personal energy shields are abundant and easy to use. Almost every Terran has access to one.

Energy to Matter (and vice versa) conversion is unheard of in the setting. An example of Energy to matter conversion would be the “replicators” from Star Trek. Matter to Energy (and back) would be the “transporters” from Star Trek.

Similarly, “cloaking devices” also don’t exist.

Everybody has an IdentChip that is inserted into the flesh of their palms from birth. IdentChips are linked to bank accounts. All currency in the JumpDrive setting is digital. While hackers are trying REALLY hard to hack IdentChips and digitally change the amount of money in one’s personal account, it has so far proven to be nearly impossible.


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