The Realms

The United Terran Realms (aka the Realms) comprise a massive interstellar kingdom populated by Terrans. There are hundreds of planets in the Realms, each ruled over by a Lord. Lords are chosen from the citizens of the planet and then approved by the King. According to Realm Law, Lords have complete sovereignty over their planets, and may choose to organize their governments as they see fit. Most planets have a rich political history that dictates how each Lord rules—some planetary Lords having little to no real power, and others might rule in a more traditional monarchist fashion.

Below is a list of planets that our characters have encountered thus far, along with a list of other notable planets. I encourage you all to create pages for your characters’ home planets as well and fill them in.

Planets visited thus far:

Drath and Orla
Tridon V
Romir Prime

Other Notable Planets:


The Realms

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